Create a Moving Billboard with Custom Printed Full or Partial Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Can your customers easily identify your company vehicles? If the answer is no, you may need custom printed decals, printed magnets or a full or partial vehical wrap distinguish your brand.

Bring your company logo to life with printed decals and vehicle logos

Vehicle wraps can offer a cost-effective way to add advertising for your business or a high-impact custom style to your vehicle. Wraps and decals are professionally applied by one of our installers at our shop or at your location (if available). Services can include full wraps, partial wraps or custom decals and striping.

Please Note: At this time we are only doing Commercial Vehicle Wraps and do not do color changes or clear coat bras/wraps. Partial wraps, decals and striping on personal vehicles at our discretion. 

Vehicle wrap advertising can give your business a voice, effectively acting as a moving billboard that advertises your business everywhere you go. We can help to bring your design ideas to fruition or we can take your graphics and transfer them straight to your vehicle. We work with you through the initial design to fabrication to installation.

We have experience with trailer wraps, company vehicles, fire engines, police cruisers, food trucks, fleet wraps, busses, boat lettering, semis, trucks and trailers, moving vans, city vehicles, and much more. 

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Types of printed vehicle decals available:

  • Full or partial printed vehicle wraps
  • Full color spot graphics
  • Printed perforated window coverings
  • Custom full color magnets
  • Logo door decals and DOT numbers

Decals and Car Wraps Generate Great Brand Awareness

Plain Insane Graphix is a family-owned business that is conveniently located in Lemoore, CA. We specialize in car wraps, large format printing, custom signs and printing services. Our goal is to help other businesses get their name in front of thousands of people everyday through commercial print and marketing.

On average, each day a vehicle wrap can get between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions. Considering the distance of local advertising coverage, a car wrap can get the cost is very affordable and has a great return.


How do you price vehicle wraps?  The wrap price is based on the size, complexity and condition of the vehicle. There are additional fees with removing old wraps or decals and preparing the vehicle for a new decal installation. 

Can I install the wrap or decal on my own? Yes, we can print your decals and you can pick them up from the shop to install them on your own. We would suggest that you research the correct way to prep and install the decals. We do not guarantee any decal that is not printed and installed by Plain Insane Graphix.

Will you install decals that we have purchased elsewhere? No. Although we are trained installers, we are first and foremost graphic printers and we believe in the highest quality print and install work, we cannot guarantee the quality of other's materials and so we will not install any decals that are printed in our shop.

Do you do color changes? At this time we are only doing commercial printed wraps and decals and will not do color changes, detail work or protection bras for personal vehicles. 

Do you setup the graphics for the printed vehicle wraps? Yes, the setup for the graphic on the vehicle are included in the price of the car wrap.

Do you offer a warranty on your vehicle decals and wraps? We use high quality 3M or Avery air release wrap material on full vehicle wraps. Each material supplier offers their own material warranty, with exclusions. Plain Insane Graphix offers a limited installation warranty on work completed. 

How long do vehicle decals last? All of our decals are printed on high quality vinyl and laminated for long lasting results. Due to the intesity of the Central California sun, most vinyl brands do not guarantee the same longevity as other geographic locations. It is expected that a printed decal will last 3-5 years outdoor, with normal wear and tear, depending on how the decal is maintained by the owner of the vehicle. Reflective or metallic vinyl may burn more easily and may need to be replaced more often. 

How do you care for vehicle decals? Vehicle owners should ideally wait a week before washing their newly installed vinyl decals/wraps for best results. It is recommended that vehicle graphics should be cleaned on a regular basis or whenever it appears dirty. Ideally, a vehicle wrap should be cleaned every 2 weeks. This ensures that optimal visual appearance is maintained for the life of the wrap. Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Decals should not be taken through the car wash, as the soap is somewhat acidic and can cause the vinyl to crack or peel over time. Additionally, high-powered pressure washing should also be avoided. Infrequent, lack of, or incorrect maintenance can lead to the vehicle graphics degrading prematurely and not lasting the expected duration.

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