Posted by Megan Robnett - June 13, 2023

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Your Vehicle Is Your Business’ Moving Billboard; using car magnets to boost your business' brand

Placing decals on your car is a popular way to advertise your business, allowing everyone you pass to see your company name. While decals provide a lot of visual marketing coverage, sometimes, not everyone can make that type of long-term commitment. An alternative to decals is custom car magnets, which as relatively inexpensive and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle as needed.

Additionally, smaller bumper magnets are a great giveaway to customers and employees that can help to get your business noticed, spreading your marketing across a larger fleet to bring awareness to your business. When you put a business magnet on a car, your brand goes where the car goes.

What to Put on Your Car Magnet?
Think of your magnets like an oversized business card. Car magnets should have all the same information for your business as your business card does; company name, logo, and contact information.

Unlike your business card, though, your card magnet isn’t going to end up in someone’s hand, so you need to design it to be recognizable and memorable. Make sure your company name and/or logo are large enough for people to see from a distance.

Your logo is essentially your brand, which most people will remember with continual exposure. Using your logo instead of plain text can help to bring more awareness about your business. Exposing drivers to your logo during rush hour traffic is just as good of exposure as advertising on the radio.

Want to stand out from the rest of your competitors? Think about adding a slogan to your branding. Having your slogan roaming around town on a fleet of vehicles can help bring your brand to life and let potential customers know who you are as a business.

Contact Information
Even with your logo and your slogan on your car, it won’t mean much without a way for people to get a hold of you. If you would like people to call you, make sure to use the maximum space available for your phone number. Another option for vehicle advertising is to include a QR code. QR codes are very popular in business advertising as it’s a quick and easy way to take customers to your website or social media page. A lot of marketing companies advertise free QR code creation but then want to charge you a subscription fee for tracking the use of it. We like to use WIX free QR code generator for our clients.

Don’t Forget Your License
Lastly, if you are required by a licensing entity to include your license numbers, such as for a real estate agent, contractor, or public driver. You don’t want to be hit with a fine, so always include your license. Check with your licensing board on what you should include on all of your business advertising and know before you go.

You can’t go wrong with using your vehicle for advertising your company though, especially if you have multiple vehicles on the road. For more information on car magnets for your business, contact Plain Insane Graphix. We will be able to help you design the perfect magnet for your car to bring awareness to your business and look amazing.

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