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Posted by Megan Robnett - Sept. 12 - 3 min read

The internet is chock-full of ideas for things you may want printed on your new t-shirt or hoodie. We get asked all the time about things people have seen on Pinterest, Etsy or other printer’s social media pages, wondering if we could recreate them so they could get them printed local. Although we would love to print everything for everyone, the answer that we usually give is “sorry, we can’t print other people’s designs” or “sorry that graphic is trademarked.” If your unsure what a Copyright or Trademark is, and why it’s important, read on.

Posted by Megan Robnett - July 17 - 6 min read

Whether for a kid’s sports team, environmental awareness groups, a local charity, or a school club, t-shirt fundraising campaigns are among the best ways to draw awareness to your cause. Custom printed t-shirt and merch fundraising is a great way to raise extra money for your organization, promote your group, and pump up your community’s morale and support. Keep reading for FIVE great ways to maximize your t-shirt fundraising campaign.


Posted by Megan Robnett - June 29 - 3 min read

The 4th of July is a holiday that often brings communities together to celebrate with festivities, food, music, and of course, fireworks. These patriotic celebrations, and through the whole month of July, is the perfect time to brand yourself as a community expert for your small business.
While you could reprint some of your signs or fliers in red, white, and blue theme or tie ribbons or balloons to your a-frames or store front, read on for other creative ideas that can bump up your community street-cred.

Posted by Megan Robnett - June 13 - 3 min read

Placing decals on your car is a popular way to advertise your business that allows everyone you pass to see your company name. While decals provide a lot of visual marketing coverage, sometimes not everyone can make that type of long-term commitment. Using magnets on your car is an easy and inexpensive way to market your business, brand or event. Click to read more on what should be included on your custom printed vehicle magnets.

Posted by Lauren Farrar - April 12 - 2 min read

With Earth Day right around the corner, it is time to start thinking of ways your business can be more Eco-friendly. This is a trend among business leaders. However, only 60% of companies actually have a sustainability strategy. It's time to start thinking about how you can reduce your environmental impact! Read on to see three ways your small business can make an impact by using your buying power to incorpoate sustainable solutions.

Posted by Lauren Farrar - February 15 - 2 min read

The central valley now has direct-to-film printing! This state-of-the-art digital printing means improved processes for our shop and better opportunities for your needs! High quality, beautiful results, and quick turnaround. Digital printing is very versatile when it comes to what it can be printed on. Leather, T-shirts, Tote bags, jerseys, and more. Click here to read more about this game chamging technology.

Posted by Lauren Farrar - January 17 - 4 min read

2023 is officially here! Everyone has personal goals for the start of the new year, but have you thought about goals for your business?

When you establish and set new goals, it has an effect on the behavior of not only your employees but your customers. Having new goals, and being consistent in achieving them is what makes your business successful! Read on to see 5 New Year's resolutions your business should adopt this year!

Posted by Lauren Farrar - January 3 - 3 min read

During the holiday season, many businesses like to decorate or advertise on their windows. Why not make this a year-round advertising method or seasonal decorating tactic?

This could be announcements, general information, or even decorations. Many businesses will traditionally go the window marker route, which, let’s face it, takes a lot of time and energy. An alternative to using window markers and paint for your windows and any of your business’ special events or promotions is using printed window clings. Window clings allow you to get the wording and look right on the first go around. Click here to read more.

Posted by Lauren Farrar - December 14 - 3 min read

End-of-the-year buying is officially here! Deciding how to allocate funds for your business is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightheartedly. How can your spending choices be an investment in your business?

End-of-the-year buying should help set the stage for the following year. Use extra funds for marketing, customer retention, and employee morale. Click here to read more about ways to put your end of year budget to good use, optimizing your internal and external marketing.


Posted by Lauren Farrar - November 4 - 3 min read

Choosing the right holiday gift can be stressful and somewhat intimidating. Going from store to store to find the perfect gift can be a hassle. Finding the "perfect gift" seems impossible with consumers' many options.  Buying the perfect gift for your family, friend, or employee means much more than just showing appreciation, which is why there is so much pressure around it. Click to read more on how you can use your holiday gift giving to boost morale and your brand power to your clients.

Posted by Megan Robnett - September 8 - 4 min read

We have all been watching the real estate market boom that has taken place in the last year. As they say, it is a seller’s market, with active listings having increased by 26.6% in the previous year.  So, how are you marketing yourself as a realtor and setting yourself apart from all the rest? Click here to see how you can boost your realty business marketing to start out amongst the crowd.



Posted by Megan Robnett - September 3 - 5 min read

So, you’re starting a new business…that’s awesome. The first thing people do when they start a new business is deliberate on the perfect name and then set out to create the perfect logo.  A logo is a crucial part of your brand identity. It works as a communication tool with your customers, so they can easily identify your brand and your brand values. Read on for 5 suggestions to consider when designing your logo.


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