Posted by Lauren Farrar- April 12, 2023

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New in The House...Direct To Film (DTF) Printing

We are excited!! The central valley now has direct-to-film printing! This state-of-the-art digital printing means improved processes for our shop and better opportunities for your needs!

High quality, beautiful results, and quick turnaround.

Digital printing is very versatile when it comes to what it can be printed on. Leather, T-shirts, Tote bags, jerseys, and more.

Why is Direct-To-Film such a game-changing product?

Technology- This new technology helps to prevent stretching, peeling, or fading, like we would see over time with a silkscreen or other methods of printing.

The Direct To Film printer takes special ink, and powder, that creates the perfect formula to put on many types of fabric. This machine is also suitable for all file formats. So that means logos that we already have, new logos you want to be printed, fresh designs, or even images!

Production- Our production time is improved because this printer is digital. We can simply upload your design or logo into our system, and have it printed within minutes. With most orders, we use screen printing which can take longer. This application is also much easier than other traditional methods of printing, mainly because there is no pre-treating of the fabric involved.

Texture Quality- Based on research, this machine is proven to help with the stretchability and soft feel of the design that is printed. That means the quality of the image printed, will last much longer than traditional print methods. Even through multiple washes. Most of the t-shirts you get from retail stores are digitally p

Color Quality- There are more perks when it comes to digital printing. The first is the color capability. With more vibrant colors, any image can stand out on the fabric. Unlike traditional forms of printing, any color garment will be able to be printed on. The color quantity is also unlimited with this technology, we are not limited to a certain number of colors!

What makes our shop so excited about this upgrade?

1. With this machine, we can print full color graphics and even photographs onto any fabric! This means more versatile products for your group, fundraiser, or event.

2. We also don’t have to require a minimum quantity for each order. This means one-off, single orders! No more bulk ordering! With this new technology, it makes it easier for our shop to accept orders of less than 24!

This is great for customs orders! If you have a gift you want to give or a specific garment for a smaller group, we can now accept these single orders.

How can you place an order for digital printing?

To place your order for a Print On Demand T-shirt

  • Visit our website Choose the t-shirt or other garment you would like printed
  • Use the "Design Now" button on the garments info page
  • Select "Digitally Printed"
  • Upload your design or select one of our thousands of stock designs
  • Complete your order for your printed garment

We'll email you when your order is being shipped or ready to pick up, it's that easy.

Need help with your designs or have questions?

Our printing team is available to help. Send us an email at Send us your questions or give us a description of what your idea is and include any images you would like printed. We'll get back to you with answers, any recommendations, or a quote for your next printed item!

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