Posted by Lauren Farrar - December 14, 2022

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End Of Year Marketing Buying

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End-of-the-year buying is officially here! Deciding how to allocate funds for your business is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightheartedly.

How can your spending choices be an investment in your business? End-of-the-year buying should help set the stage for the following year.

Much of this decision is dependent on the business strategy. Since it’s a new year, analyzing your goals and plans is crucial for the growth and development of your business or organization. Here are some questions to consider:

1. Has your business conducted a SWOT analysis?

2. Have you conducted any team-building events?

3. How can your company show your clients you appreciate their business?

The questions for your analysis are essentially endless.


Within your business model and your goals, you should always be considering your marketing strategy. The end of the year is when businesses and organizations can stay ahead of trends, and consider experimenting with their advertisements for the upcoming year. As we all know, marketing is not only about reaching new prospects, but engaging with your existing clients and showing them appreciation. What does your marketing strategy look like for the upcoming year? How much are you willing to invest in your marketing and branding?

There are so many different ways to market your business. There is social media, content creation, emails, newsletters and so many more digital aspects that can be incorporated into your business. However, one timeless aspect of promotional marketing would be company merchandise. This form of outbound marketing is seen as more traditional, however, it can still be very effective in building brand awareness. What better way to increase brand awareness than letting your employees wear company merchandise?

Any employee would appreciate company merchandise, who doesn’t want free gear provided by their employer?There are endless options you can choose from, such as embroidered beanies, sports jackets, polos, and more! These items would be so valuable to your employees during these cold winter months.

Event Sponsorship

When analyzing your marketing strategy, one thing to consider would be event sponsorship. Have you considered involving your company or organization in an event sponsorship? Or have you considered holding an event yourself? This is such an effective way to build community and your reputation within it.

Sponsoring an event is a great way to inform new potential clients about your product or service. You can inform them with printed banners at the event, or an announcement that is said during the event. You can also bring printed gifts, or logoed hats to give away to potential prospective customers.

Holding your own events can be a way to increase both inbound and outbound marketing. One idea of an event held for your employees to celebrate the previous year's accomplishments as a company. This could be a large event or something small around the office. However, it’s a great way to take time to recognize your employees.

Showing Appreciation

End-of-the-year buying is another way to show appreciation! This could be to not only your employers but even your customers. This could be an opportunity to give logoed gifts to your employees. Sending corporate gifts to valuable clients is a great way to show another business, that you appreciate them. This gift can be a single item or even a bundle of items. All of these can be branded with your company logo!

Another way to show appreciation to your customers would be a giveaway! This could be at a sponsored event, among your current clients or customers, or even done through social media platforms. A good giveaway is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and to amplify your brand and brand messaging. One idea for a giveaway would be a winter giveaway bundle! This could include a thermal tumbler, a beanie, and a company jacket. This giveaway is a great way to show your customers that you're thinking of them and that you appreciate them and the value that they bring to your business.


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Cheers to 2023 and Happy New Year from us here at Plain Insane Graphix!

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