Posted by Lauren Farrar - November 4, 2022

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Your Holiday Gift Guide

Choosing the right holiday gift can be stressful and somewhat intimidating. Going from store to store to find the perfect gift can be a hassle. Finding the "perfect gift" seems impossible with consumers' many options.

Buying the perfect gift for your family, friend, or employee means much more than just showing appreciation, which is why there is so much pressure around it. For your family and friends, it can show love, affection, appreciation, and more.

A gift for your employees, though, has multiple benefits beyond a personal level. Giving presents to your employees is a mutually beneficial scenario. By showing generosity and value to your employees, you are boosting productivity and morale.

Many smaller businesses use gifts to show appreciation for their employees. There are many options to choose from, and many can be bought on store shelves. However, taking a step further to personalize an item makes it much more valuable to your employee.

Embroidered Hats or Printed Drinkware

Gifts with your company logo have many mutual benefits. Embroidered apparel, such as hats, and printed drinkware, are a couple of items that are useful for your employee, as well as beneficial on a marketing level for you, the employer. It's a simple way to bring brand exposure to your company from your employees. People are being exposed to your company or small business with every sip or time an employee wears or uses this merchandise.

These gifts are a marketing investment for your company or small business, producing 24.7 billion in revenue for the market in 2018. This survey about the promotional products market shows how powerful this subtle yet intentional gift can be.

Everyone today is finding it harder and harder to find a gift that has a personal touch. Gift givers aren't just looking for something to stuff in a stocking and never think about it again. Everything that is gifted should have personal meaning to it. Check out these gift ideas that will wow any recipient:

Holiday Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments are personal and diversifiable. These ornaments are small gifts that display a memorable event, milestone, or statement that can be seen every holiday season. Personalized Ornaments are also a diverse gift; you can have it couple-focused, pet-focused, family-centered, and more.

Personalized Blankets & Logoed Tools

There are also other gifts that can be used year-round. Blankets give everyone a feeling of comfort and warmth. This would be the ideal gift choice for family and friends to keep them warm this holiday season. Customizable blankets can be suitable for any home with any brand or logo.

Another customizable, more masculine gift would be a logoed tool or knife. Adding a name or logo to this item can help give it an identity.

One thing to keep in mind is that customized gifts need lead time. Placing an order for a personalized gift takes time to create. This gap of time is necessary for businesses to produce quality work, so your gift comes out exactly how you imagined.


Are you needing help finding the perfect holiday gift?

Plain Insane Graphix can help you create a personalized gift for your family, friend, or employee. This holiday season, shop small. Call us at 559-924-6000 or visit our website to request a quote today!


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