Posted by Megan Robnett - September 8, 2022

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The Realtor's Marketing Tool Belt

We have all been watching the real estate market boom that has taken place in the last year. As they say, it is a seller’s market, with active listings having increased by 26.6% in the previous year.

But the kicker is that even with the increase of houses for sale, there are approximately 30% more real estate agents than available houses for sale (approx. 1.5 million in the US). The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported a 7% increase in new realtors last year and 11% the year before, lending to the already competitive industry.

So, how are you marketing yourself as a realtor and setting yourself apart from all the rest? Whether you’re just starting in reality or thinking of updating your marketing plan, there are marketing essentials, both printed and digital, that every player in the game needs.

Business Cards

It is probably a given, but it’s still important to put it out there. A big part of real estate marketing is networking, and business cards are still an essential tool in your tool belt. When you meet someone, you want to make it easy for them to remember you and to contact you at a later date. Business cards are inexpensive, so you get a bang for your buck, making them an excellent marketing tool investment.

Open House/Property Signage

Don’t go with the same old same old. Signs give you about 5 seconds to catch someone’s attention, so your signs should be quality, eye-catching, interest-generating creations that relay your brand.

Social Media

Social Media is your best avenue to connect to a wide range of potential clients, and it starts with excellent, timely content. Your posts, reels, stories, or lives to get your message out there. Mix it up with listings, helpful information, tips and tricks, public interest posts, local neighborhood info (area businesses, events, schools, etc.), and shared educational articles. Give people inside information about the community you serve, the listings you offer, and above all, a glimpse of who you are and your brand.

Post Cards

Yes, people still send them out. Most marketing plans nowadays focus heavily on digital marketing channels, but traditional marketing still works, especially considering how oversaturated some digital channels have become. You can use mailers to ‘farm’ potential clients, invite people to an open house in the area, advertise a new listing, or educate them on new housing values based on recent closings in the area. Don’t forget to include a Call-to-Action, inviting the potential client to call you for more information, watch a video or visit your website.

Property Fliers and Floor Plans

Are you having an open house? Property fliers are a must-have. Want to make them extra memorable? Include the floor plan. The home’s floor plan is the ultimate selling tool for prospective clients because it puts the property’s layout right in their hands.

A Good Website

Everyone is online today. 70% of people start their buying process online from their cell phones. Having a web presence is essential for any agent. And here is the tie-in; you should be using your print marketing to ultimately funnel all of your potential ‘buyer’ clients to your website. People in the market to purchase a property will generally do initial searches on the internet before contacting an agent. There is only so much you can put on a business card or flier, but a website should be an endless channel of up-to-date information and property listings if it connects to your local MLS. The best way to do this is with a QR code. I like to use the free WIX QR Code Generator.

Just remember, you should use marketing at different parts of the sales process. Printed materials can be used to farm new leads or as part of the listing presentation. Realty signs communicate seller agent information to the community, while yard signs communicate to buyers' open house information. Your digital presence should be used to keep your brand out in front of people and will be the go-to platform used for clients in the market to purchase. Business cards are for networking and pulling referrals.

These are all critical touch points for potential clients, both buyers and sellers. Building a comprehensive marketing plan that encompasses all of these communication avenues helps to maximize earning potential for real estate agents on all levels.



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