Posted by Lauren Farrar - January 3, 2023

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Window Clings...A Great Way To Showcase Your Business

Plain Insane Graphix showcases their Best In Kings County award with a window cling

During the holiday season, many businesses like to decorate or advertise on their windows. Why not make this a year-round advertising method or seasonal decorating tactic?

This could be announcements, general information, or even decorations. Many businesses will traditionally go the window marker route, which, let’s face it, takes a lot of time and energy.

An alternative to using window markers and paint for your windows and any of your business’ special events or promotions is using printed window clings. Window clings allow you to get the wording and look right on the first go around. Driving foot traffic to your business has never been easier. Window clings are easy, quick, and have minimal installation and removal processes. Seeing these window clings brings curiosity from the consumer about what your business is offering.

The opportunities and tools are endless when you use a printer for this type of advertising. With a printer, you can choose the perfect color scheme, sizing, color, and style.

Read on to see six great window-cling uses for your business.

Special Announcements

Your window is the perfect place to boast about what makes your business different or unique! Special recognition, being members of organizations or special interest groups, being a certified B Corp., or even being a sponsor to a charity will hold status to your customers, and your front window is the perfect place to announce it.

Holidays or Special Events

Using window clings as decorations for the holidays, or even setting a holiday scene with graphics, can bring personality to your business. This can be used seasonally to give your business life. One example would be to celebrate holidays like Easter, or the Fourth of July. This is a great way to bring holiday cheer to your customers, or anyone walking by your business!

Grand Openings

“Grand Openings” and “Coming Soon” announcements work great with window clings, as they give you an easy and fast way to announce to potential customers about your business’ progress.

Window clings can create great messaging for customers without cluttering your displays or storefront with a banner-type sign that can cover up your building.

Popular Products or Services

Do you have a new product or product line that you want to create buzz with and bring new customers through the door? Window clings are great ways to announce these popular brands or services.

Especially if your company has multiple services to offer, showcasing all of them will help you reach new potential clients or customers. It's also a great way to showcase your most loved products, or services!

Business Hours

If you have flexing business hours or special seasonal business hours, using a window cling is a great way to showcase your hours while still providing a clean and consistent look. This is especially valuable during the holidays, whether you're open for certain extended hours, or closed on certain days, displaying them through a window cling keeps your business looking professional.


Highlighting sales or special promotions using window clings will add a more sophisticated look to your business. This could be used to show an end-of-the-year sale, or a special promotion. This can help bring hype around the event, and increase your sales. What better way to draw in new potential customers, than displaying a promotion they can't pass up?

On Vehicles Too!

Temporary window clings for vehicle windows are a way to spread brand awareness on the road. This is a way to reach new potential prospects. There are so many different styles of decals you can choose to use on your vehicle. Not only regarding the placement of the cling but the type as well. This is how you can bring brand awareness to new people while in traffic.

Window clings can help you develop windows displays that speak to your customers. Some smaller window clings can be printed on special film that can be used with your desktop printer, but large-format, high-quality clings are more likely found at your local commercial printer.


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Cheers to 2023 and Happy New Year from us here at Plain Insane Graphix!

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