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Promotional Products


Have you invested enough into your promotional products? Is your brand awareness known locally? If youre even questioning it, the answer might be no. It might be time to invest in new promotional products for your business. 

There are endless options of promotional products we create that are not only cost effective, but impactful. Whether people are learning about your business through a business card or banner, it is still providing them with information they might have not known. 

Promotional products are geared towards bringing brand awareness whereever the design is. This could be on the back of your car down the highway, or even being worn on an empoyee. Building brand awareness brings awareness and memorability to everyone who will notice it. 

Types of promotional products we can create.

-printed cards 

-printed banners 

-printed car window decals 


-Embroidered Products: hats, polos, jackets 

-Screen Printed Products: t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, etc.

Here at Plain Insane Graphix, we can work with you to help you create the perfect design, and promotional products.









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