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Vehicle Wraps & Decals

Vehicle wraps can offer a cost-effective way to add advertising for your business or a high-impact custom style to your vehicle. Wraps and decals are professionally applied by one of our installers at our shop or at your location (if available). Services can include full wraps, partial wraps or custom decals and striping.

Please Note: At this time we are only doing Commercial Vehicle Wraps and do not do color changes or clear coat bras/wraps. Partial wraps, decals and striping on personal vehicles at our discretion. 

Vehicle wrap advertising can give your business a voice, effectively acting as a moving billboard that advertises your business everywhere you go. We can help to bring your design ideas to fruition or we can take your graphics and transfer them straight to your vehicle. We work with you through the initial design to fabrication to installation.

We use high quality 3M or Avery air release wrap material on full vehicle wraps. Each material supplier offers their own material warranty, with exclusions. Plain Insane Graphix offers a limited installation warranty on work completed.

Pricing varies, depending on vehicle type and size. We can do any vehicle type; cars, trucks, SUV, boat, and trailers, as well sports and all terrain vehicles.


Vehicle owners should ideally wait a week before washing their newly installed vinyl decals/wraps for best results.

It is recommended that vehicle graphics should be cleaned on a regular basis or whenever it appears dirty. Ideally, a vehicle wrap should be cleaned every 2 weeks. This ensures that optimal visual appearance is maintained for the life of the wrap. Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Decals should not be taken through the car wash, as the soap is somewhat acidic and can cause the vinyl to crack or peel over time. Additionally, high-powered pressure washing should also be avoided.

Infrequent, lack of, or incorrect maintenance can lead to the vehicle graphics degrading prematurely and not lasting the expected duration.

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